Tailor-made training

Ask us to send you a tailor-made proposal for an in-house training programme for you and your colleagues

Based on the unique combination of practical and academic knowledge, Protocolbureau is recognised as one of the world’s leading protocol and relationship management experts. The different training programmes Protocolbureau conducts, have been attended by hundreds of professionals worldwide. 

We offer bespoke extensive practical and academic training programmes, by combining theory with practice led by renowned international experts and practitioners in their field. Our team brings to the table decades of experience, working at the highest international level and are frequently sought after speakers during large global conferences on the subject. 

From experience, we incorporate a variety of tools and methods to ensure successful learning outcomes including lectures, case studies, group discussions, role play exercises, and group and individual exercises. To achieve the desired effect we leverage our full capabilities and expertise for each and every highly customised programme  – your goals are translated into a tailor-made proposal.

To bring about a change of attitude or behaviour, our on-site courses may be repeated or organised in modular form. But for a simple transfer of knowledge a one-off talk or session may be sufficient. Training can also be provided ‘on the job’.

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