Online self-guided training course on the basics of flag protocol

Online Flag Protocol training course

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The goal of this online Flag Protocol training course is to help you understand the basics of flag protocol. After following this session you will be able to determine the flag protocol for your organisation. This course explains the basics of flag protocol by discussing the order of the poles and the order of the flags. We will also give you examples of flag protocol in different settings as well as other flag protocol related rules.

During this online training course, the following topics will be discussed:

  • The basics of protocol.
  • The order of the poles.
  • The order of the flags.
  • Flags in other settings.
  • Other flag related rules.

The online training course includes interviews, practical examples and the opportunity to test your knowledge in several exercises. The training can be started at any moment. Duration of the training: around 1.5 hours. The theory of this training can be downloaded as a PDF. This training includes a certificate.

For more information, go to our online learning platform. To directly start the online training, click here. For an overview of all our online training programmes, click here.

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