Protocolbureau training programme

Protocolbureau training programme overview

Protocolbureau training programme

We offer extensive practical and academic training programmes in Dutch and English, by combining theory with practice led by renowned international experts and practitioners in their fields:

From experience, we incorporate a variety of tools and methods to ensure successful learning outcomes including lectures, case studies, group discussions, role play exercises, and group and individual exercises.

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Protocolbureau training programmes are certified by: 

Leading Protocol & Etiquette Schools of the World

Francesco Antonio Campagna, Protocol Officer President Office UEFA (Switzerland)

“If you work in protocol I highly/definitely recommend taking the next course, it was an invigorating/invaluable experience. Thank you Protocolbureau!”

Claire Stassart, Service du Protocole Commission Européenne (Belgium)

“The training is very useful for anyone organising protocol events: conferences, formal lunches or dinners, official visits….” 

Israa Shaheen, Etiquette & Protocol Consultant (United Arab Emirates)

“Thank you so much for such an unforgettable experience. I enjoyed every single session delivered by all the protocol, etiquette and event experts during the last three days.”

Eiko Smid, Chief Cabinet King’s Commissioner in Overijssel (Netherlands)

“Satisfied after two inspiring training days in The Hague. Protocol, reception of guests, seating arrangements, the role of protocol officers, etc. The highlight of the training was the etiquette dinner by the unsurpassed Jan Jaap van Weering.”

Mirella El Khoury Boutros, Presidential Palace Beirut - Protocol and Public Relation Division (Lebanon)

“The Protocol Training are three intensive and interactive days attended by a truly international group of participants: I have met people from all over the world!”

Aneta Kuna-Klaczynska, Assistant to Head of Division, European External Action Service (Belgium)

“In three days all the basics of protocol and the management of high-level events are covered, plus a lot of other subjects. This training is the best way to learn a lot in a short time. I really recommend the Three-day Masterclass in Modern Protocol.” 

Aya Wehbe, Communication Officer Diplomatic Affairs Department-FM-Beirut (Lebanon)

“It was such a memorable experience indeed! We are honored to be trained by event experts with students coming from all over the world. Thank you all for all the effort and knowledge you gave us during the last three days.”

Charlotte Seibert-Kamers, former Personal Assistant International Court of Justice (Netherlands)

”This is the number one institute for protocol education. The training programme is aimed at those who in their work have to deal with the management of official events and meetings with dignitaries.” 

Anu Mõtsla, Chief of Protocol Chancellery of the Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament)

„The Protocol Training is insightful and interactive. By learning new practices and sharing experience. It is also a great networking and training opportunity with protocol colleagues from all over the world.”

Sandra Limon, Deputy Head Protocol Department Ministry of Defense (Suriname)

”This Protocol Training is very informative, perfectly organised and offers the opportunity to meet other professionals.

Carlissa Remmerwaal, former Event Manager House of Parliament (Netherlands)

“This Protocol Training covers all the basics of protocol. I learned a lot about the management of official events, formal seating plans, official written communication, personal presentation, and etiquette.”

Melissa van der Hout, Communication Advisor KPN Telecom (Netherlands)

“Proud owner of the Protocolbureau certificate. Intensive days; I learned a lot about protocol, etiquette, high-level event management, networking and personal presentation. Applicable in my work. Thank you Protocolbureau.”

The book Protocol to Manage Relationships Today

Protocol to Manage Relationships Today: Modern Relationship Management Based Upon Traditional Values (Amsterdam University Press, 2020) explains the value of protocol, not only for Monarchies or diplomatic institutes but for every non-profit or for-profit organisation. The book presents protocol as a method to build strong authentic networks of reciprocal relationships.

Order the book here

A tailor-made Protocolbureau training programme by one of the Protocolbureau experts

Our in-house training programmes are tailored to achieve the desired effect and prepared and coordinated by one of our educational experts. Your goals are translated into a tailor-made proposal.

To bring about a change of attitude or behaviour, these on-site courses may be repeated or organised in modular form. But for a simple transfer of knowledge a one-off talk or session may be sufficient. Training can also be provided ‘on the job’.

We work with the best protocol and relationship management experts from home and abroad. They teach interactively through real-life case studies, role plays, individual and group exercises, discussions and photo/ DVD material. Our courses include class materials, hand-outs, binders and/or literature.

‘Protocol is a great tool to manage this exclusive personal attention.’