Europe’s number one expert in high-level networking events for more than 25 years

Protocolbureau has been providing support for more than 25 years; how is a measurably effective meeting with dignitaries or other VIPs organised? How does the (modern) protocol support building strong reciprocal relationships? What role does protocol play in relationship management?

High-level events with dignitaries

We support the development and implementation of networking meetings at the highest level. From writing the official invitation or developing an appropriate programme to managing complex seating arrangements, coordinating greeting procedures and escorting dignitaries – we have experience in all aspects of the high-level meeting.

Our clients are organisations that do not want to take risks and want to be sure that the relationship with the most valued stakeholders is strengthened. Protocolbureau has been engaged for more than 25 years at home and abroad for award ceremonies, international conferences, official openings, networking dinners, fashion shows, celebrations and commemorations.

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Developing a (new) relationship management

These high-level networking meetings are preferably not a one-off initiative, but part of structural policy. A structured approach, or professional relationship management, ensures access to the right networks and a reciprocal relationship with the most valued stakeholders.

The development of professional relationship management is a support that we provide with our sister organisation the Institute of Strategic Relationship Management. Ten years ago, Protocolbureau’s experience with network meetings at the highest level was the reason for the establishment of ISRM.

While a structured network is important now and in the future, the development of professional relationship management is new and complex. ISRM supports the development of modern relationship management.

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Protocolbureau works with multiple European and Middle Eastern households of royal families, ministries of foreign affairs, diplomatic schools, cultural and charitable institutions, international organisations (UN, AU, EU), events in the world of international sports, fashion shows, awards ceremonies and top-level corporate network events.

Based in The Netherlands, operating around the world