Educational session of MPI-Netherlands hosted by the Protocol Institute The Hague

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Peter McSweeney, Bud Rellum and Anne-Maartje Oud

Last Friday 12 October 2012, the members of the Dutch ‘Meeting Professionals International‘ (MPI) were trained by the Institute of Protocol The Hague. MPI organised one of its ‘educational sessions’ at the beautiful Chateau St.Gerlach in the south of the Netherlands. The session started with an introduction of the new protocol-minor of the Institute of Protocol The Hague by Jean Paul Wyers. This was followed by a lecture about cross cultural management by Peter McSweeney and an interactive session about protocol by Anne-Maartje Oud and Bud Rellum. 

Chateau St.Gerlach at October 12

MPI is a global association for meeting and event professionals providing content, research and business connections enhancing the performance of its members. MPI has more than 21,000 members belonging to 71 chapters and clubs worldwide. MPI-Netherlands is one of those chapters. 

500 people in one room is not relationship management‘, explained Jean Paul Wyers during his introduction. In the current economic climate costly events are no longer being held, but organizations still want to make the most of their network. A good relationship with clients, investors and other stakeholders remains important. Modern protocol responds to this need.
The Protocol Institute recently started a minor in modern protocol and relationship management, in a cooperation with The Hague University. During six weeks the students learn how to develop a relationship management strategy and how to translate this strategy into a meeting with the stakeholders. The students of the minor are trained by the Dutch protocol and etiquette experts as well as by behavioural scientists, compliance and ethics officers, cross cultural managers and marketing managers. 
Developing a minor is a lot of work‘, Jean Paul explained. ‘It is a non-commercial activity, supported by many colleagues and meant to further professionalize the business of protocol and relationship management. Let’s hope we will succeed!’. 

Peter McSweeney about cross cultural management

Three trainers of the minor accompanied Jean Paul to Chateau St.Gerlach. The Irish-born Peter McSweeney talked about cross cultural management and gave the Dutch audience an outside perspective on its culture: ‘For me the Dutch Culture is to wear orange and celebrate the Royal Family‘. A culture is ’the way we do things around here’, Peter explained. 
Important is to ask yourself: Who are you, who am I and how are we connected? 
This can be better understood with the theories of cultural differences guru’s like professor Geert Hofstede. Hofstede’s cultural dimensions can give an insight in the differences of cultures. 

Anne-Maartje Oud and Bud Rellum

Anne-Maartje Oud and Bud Rellum talked about protocol and the relevance of it to at all kinds of meetings. Bud Rellum was the protocol officer of the Dutch Prime-minister. He also worked all around the world for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Bud: ‘Protocol is about managing expectations, make sure this is for both parties in balance‘. 
Anne-Maartje Oud is a coach in personal effectiveness. She makes people aware of their behavior and how it affects other people. Authenticity has never been more important’, she explained.

Read here a report about the session on the MPI-website (in Dutch). 

Photo left: The tweets of MPI-Netherlands.

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