Maik de Boer

Maik de Boer is the undisputed master of image in The Netherlands. At his workshops about styling and dress protocol, he provides the participants with valuable insights in their personal presentation and image. He focusses on providing something extra without distracting from the unique character of the individual concerned. Maik has an unrivaled knowledge of the interaction between character, clothing and camera.

Maik started his career in the hotel industry with a management position at the Marriot Marquis in New York. After graduating from the Fashion Academy in The Netherlands, he started working as a trainee for the Dutch television comedy series ‘Oppassen’ and later he became the stylist for the last season of the successful Dutch television programme ‘Zeg ‘ns Aaa’. Currently, Maik de Boer is one of the most famous fashion and lifestyle experts of The Netherlands.

Besides working for television, Maik has a good many TV personalities among his clientele.