Isabel Amaral

Isabel Amaral is a renowned Portuguese expert on corporate image and protocol and has developed executive trainings and coaching programmes in Portugal, Austria, Brazil, Cape Verde, France, Spain, Angola, Namibia, the People’s Republic of China and The Netherlands. Holding a Master’s degree in International Relations from Lisbon University, she is a teacher at the Diplomatic Institute and at several universities in Portugal, Spain and Brazil.

She’s the author of three books: Imagem e Sucesso, a book on image and corporate protocol (nine editions), Imagem e internacionalização, a book about cross-cultural communication for a global market (two editions) and the standard work about protocol Protocol to Manage Relationships Today.

She is a keynote speaker on cross-cultural communication, among others at conferences in France, the United Kingdom and Belgium. Isabel Amaral is Founder and President of the Portuguese Protocol Studies Association (APOREP) since 2005.