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The future of protocol

  The future of protocol; How new rituals might modernize protocol in our highly individualized age     An article about the future of protocol from the book Managing Authentic Relationships published by Amsterdam University Press, written by Paul Spies, director of the Stadtmuseum Berlin Protocol is a term we tend to associate with the […]

Bengt-Arne Hulleman new member of the board of directors of Protocolbureau

Deze informatie in het Nederlands Bengt-Arne Hulleman (41), the former Head of Protocol of the International Criminal Court, is the new member of the board of directors of Protocolbureau. Bengt-Arne manages Protocolbureau together with Jean Paul Wyers, who founded the agency in 1996 and who has so far managed the company alone. Bengt-Arne joins the board due to the international […]

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The Value of Protocol in Building Networks

    The value of protocol is explained at our protocol training programmes as well as in our book Managing Authentic Relationships as a tool to support the networking goals. Protocol management translates the networking goals into high-level meetings with the stakeholders. Chapter 2 of the book describes this vision and Chapter 13 explains how to […]