William Hanson (UK)

CEO The English Manner

The Executive Director and owner of The English Manner William Hanson is widely regarded as the UK’s most trusted authority on etiquette and civility, with his relative youth and old-fashioned values making him an arbiter of modern manners.

Based in central London, William’s work sees him teach in the UK and all over the world, including in Europe, America, China, south-east Asia, and GCC countries. He is a trusted advisor and trainer to many official households, embassies, businesses and academic institutes.

William is the author of the bestselling, irreverent manual of modern-day social mobility, The Bluffer’s Guide to Etiquette, nd the more recent follow-up The Bluffer’s Guide to Entertaining. In 2020 he co-authored Protocol to Manage Relationships Today, by Amsterdam University Press.

He is a regular contributor to global media as an etiquette expert and believes good manners and etiquette are based on common sense and should be universal.  His podcast Help I Sexted My Boss is the UK’s number 1 comedy podcast, where he and his co-presenter answer listeners’ modern manners dilemmas.

William strives to integrate manners and etiquette with modern life, helping people become more aware of, and sensitive to, the ways in which they conduct their lives. He is a Fellow of the British Royal Society of the Arts.