Maik de Boer (NL)

Fashion and lifestyle expert

Maik de Boer is the undisputed style master of the Netherlands. During his workshops on communicating with clothes, he gives participants valuable insights into their personal presentation and image. Maik has an unparalleled knowledge of the interaction between character and clothing. His approach has been very successful and Maik gives the participants tips and tricks about clothing. His slogan is “dress for the job you want and not the job you have now“. Maik de Boer can also be booked as a chairman or, for example, for the opening of your new company. Maik also gives workshops to help your company communicate professionally on social media.

Maik de Boer started his career in the hotel industry and after working in many places, he accepted a management job at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York. After graduating from fashion academy, Maik started working as a stylist for television and worked with big names such as Astrid Joosten. Nowadays we know him from programs such as “Het Perfecte Plaatje” and he regularly appears on talk shows to talk about his expertise.