Anne-Maartje Oud (NL)

Behaviour and Communication Expert

Anne-Maartje Oud is a respected authority in the field of effective communication, group dynamics and human behaviour. In 2006, she founded The Behaviour Company based in Amsterdam. With more than two decades of dedication to consulting, teaching and providing solutions to communication challenges, she is an invaluable speaker and advisor.

Her expertise spans a wide range of disciplines, including presentation techniques, negotiation skills and how to effectively handle difficult conversations. Anne-Maartje has assisted countless organisations in realising their maximum potential. This includes tackling complex and challenging situations within companies and teams, leading group workshops and providing personal feedback to managers, CEOs and CFOs. This promotes effective leadership and interaction within teams.

Throughout her impressive career, Anne-Maartje has worked with leading social non-profit organisations such as Amnesty International, the Red Cross, as well as leading Fortune 500 companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Deloitte and Mo√ęt Hennessy. With her twenty years of experience, she excels at quickly identifying and addressing communication issues while encouraging more effective and empathetic interactions between individuals.

Her extensive expertise and deep insights have ensured that she is regularly invited as a renowned speaker, specialising in negotiations, difficult conversations and the effects of human behaviour. In addition to publishing articles for Psychology Today, Anne-Maartje shares her knowledge as a guest on various international podcasts and in video interviews.

Additionally, her certification as a Nonverbal Communication Mastery and Behavioral and Dangerous Assessment Instructor, awarded by former FBI agent and leading body language expert Joe Navarro, highlights her expertise and adds to her impressive toolbox of skills.

During dynamic and interactive sessions with in-depth analyses and valuable feedback, Anne-Maartje provides participants with practical tools to implement immediate changes. She challenges individuals and groups to tackle problems and negative habits head-on, leading to a more understanding and engaged workforce. This results in professional, efficient and empathetic communication, which contributes to increased productivity, job satisfaction and positive influences that resonate with employees within the organisation.