About us

In essence, protocol has always been about optimising relationships. Its structure and systems allows for streamlined logistics, maximising time and ensuring efficiency. Protocol enables personal, and meaningful, meetings and encounters.

We live in a world where face-to-face, personal encounters are becoming increasingly scarce, and technology is facilitating many rules and procedures. Giving someone our personal time is one of the most powerful things we can do; protocol is, therefore, the modern currency of relationships. Protocol management can offer a unique vision for building and optimising relationships, and provide a stage on which it can happen.

Protocolbureau has experience in all aspects of high- level networking, and we have been providing support for the development and implementation of networking at the highest level for more than 25 years.

High-level networking meetings should be part of a structured policy, rather than a one-off encounter. A structured approach, or the implementation of professional relationship management, is the unique service that we provide with our sister organisation, the Institute of Strategic Relationship Management.

Our vision of building relationships through professional relationship management is the focus of our training programmes (in-person and online). With us, you can learn how to use protocol to strengthen professional relationships at the highest level, and offer your organisation the expertise it needs to develop its relationship management structure and strategy.

Our books Protocol to Manage Relationships Today and Managing Authentic Relationships, published by Amsterdam University Press, also explore our vision of the role of protocol and professional relationship management.

Protocolbureau; founded in 1996

Protocolbureau was founded in 1996 by students of Hotelschool The Hague university. Our first assignment was the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Awards for His Majesty the King of Spain.

In preparation for this awards ceremony, the Master of Ceremonies of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands gave us a lecture about protocol and, a few years later, he asked us to assist him at the Royal Weddings and State Funerals in The Netherlands. With this, Protocolbureau became a leading protocol expert.