Is society slowly opening up again? Can we carefully organise events again?

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Jean Paul Wijers and Bengt-Arne Hulleman of Protocolbureau know for sure: “yes, we can.” In fact, they already know how to do it. Protocol will help us to realise the new corona proof event.

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Small scale only

The pre-corona events with hundreds of invitees are a thing of the past; at least now, perhaps forever. Fortunately, because those mass meetings have always been pointless from the perspective of relationship management.

Use the protocol logistics

Directing the logistical movements of people unnoticed is one of the basic principles of protocol. Every protocol expert is naturally good at this. Managing the flow of people, both indoors and outdoors, is a daily business if you organise an event based on protocol. You can ensure that not everyone arrives at the same time, for example by dividing the guest list into blocks. Who should arrive first, second and so on? Who can park nearby and who further away? Who should go through the screening and who should not? With the available protocol tools, such issues are easy.


Qualitative meetings are also possible at a distance of two meters

The quality of encounters always depends on the setting in which they can take place. That was difficult at the crowded events of the past. Everyone had to be close to each other to be able to understand each other. Protocol officers created moments of calm by pausing time: in the eye of the storm, where the real meeting could take place.

This peace of mind is now the result of the small scale of the new event in the coronavirus pandemic era. You can create that peace of mind by means of a protocol-based approach, so that people naturally keep a distance of two meters from each other. Because of the peace of mind, people can see, hear and ‘read’ each other well, so that even an intimate conversation is possible.

More yield, not more expensive

Because we currently do a lot of digital work, live and personal contact no longer seems necessary. Nothing is less true. Personal contact remains an important basis for doing business. But because we saw how useful digital is during the crisis, the personal meeting becomes more exclusive and therefore more valuable. You think three times before you start a live event and if you do it, you do it well.

Does this make the event more expensive? No, the total costs remain the same, but the costs per head increase because you invite fewer people. However, there is more quality in return. Because you think more carefully about which who are the essential relationships you should invite, each event will ultimately deliver more quality.

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